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The Moto Lawyer was born from a passion for motorcycling, a passion which became a purpose.  Our purpose is to represent a community which is often misunderstood, underrepresented, and many times ostracized. We are here to change that.  The Moto Lawyer assists motorcyclists obtain the legal justice they deserve. 

In the unfortunate event of an accident we are here to provide reassurance, comfort, conviction, and clarity.  We ourselves have been in your shoes. We know the pain, suffering, and headache that arises when motorcycle accidents happen. But we ourselves continue to ride, because we also understand that it is a “fire” that can’t be put out. Once a biker, always a biker; and we were bikers long before we were attorneys.



The cliché says it all, “Live to Ride, Ride to Live.” Since as long as I can remember motorcycles have played a prominent role in my family; in the same way most people refer to their pets as family members, motorcycles were part of my family. Not only were the motorcycles part of my family, but the friends that were made through the shared passion of riding, also became family. As a child, the majority of my parent’s friends, that are so-called “bikers,” quickly became uncles and aunts to me. Our family vacations revolved around motorcycle rallies, and finding the closest Harley dealer to score a new t-shirt. My mom likes to point out that the only professional photos we had done as a family were with my father’s Harley.

As soon as I was eligible, I obtained my motorcycle license and have since travelled this country from east to west, north to south on a variety of different styles of motorcycles.  

My legal education and career are driven by my desire to help the motorcycling community.  To represent those that need help the most.

In 2006 prior to attending law school, my father was involved in a devastating motorcycle accident.  Luckily, he survived the accident; but it wasn’t without life altering effects. He was forced into an early retirement and to this day has permanent disabilities that prohibit him from doing many of the things he previously loved; including driving a motorcycle.  This hasn’t stopped him nor I from continuing our lives as bikers.  After his accident we purchased a Harley Davidson Road Glide with a sidecar, so that my father could still get that true feeling of wind in the hair. 

Out of this accident, it wasn’t only my father’s life that changed, but it also affected everyone around him.  Beyond the years of assisting my father through his “recovery,” his accident was also the catalyst that propelled me into law school.  As my father’s primary caregiver and personal representative, I was able to see how the work of an attorney helped tremendously.  The attorney accomplished things for my father that made adjusting to his current scenario easier.    

Examples of the benefits attributed to the work of our attorney included: fighting to have my father’s medical bills paid for, obtaining 24-hour home health aides, receiving medical advocates that coordinated appointments and handled insurance matters, and also a financial settlement with the insurance company.  Without these benefits that derived from our attorney, I don’t know how my father’s life would have turned out.

I’m not telling you my story to scare you, but rather I’m telling you this because I have personally been there.  To this day I still ride motorcycles.  It is a feeling and a freedom that is irreplaceable.  I want those who hire me to know: 

  1. I will always have your best interests in mind, 
  2. I have been there, 
  3. I will fight for you as if you were my family member, and 
  4. I exclusively represent motorcyclists.

Call me anytime, 24/7, I am here for you!!!

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Motorcycles I have personally owned include: ’99 Yamaha R1, ’01 Harley Davidson Sportster 1200c, ’01 Screaming Eagle Road Glide , ’01 Road Glide with sidecar, ’03 Harley Davidson Dyna Super Glide, ’08 Suzuki Hayabusa, ’16 Ducati Monster, and ’17 Polaris Slingshot.

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